About SM&SH Day

Sixth-Grade Math and Science at Hotchkiss is a day for all of the local middle school students to come together and listen to experts, participate in workshops, do lots of activities, get to know each other and have fun. All while doing math and science.

Featured Presentation

The Scale of the Universe: Some Pretty Big Numbers

Hubble Deep Field

Hotchkiss Instructor, Bill Fenton

If you've ever driven (or walked or biked or run) across the country, you know the United States is huge! But not very large compared to the size of the Earth, and the Earth is just a speck of dust compared to our Sun, which is more than a thousand times smaller than the largest stars such as Betelgeuse. But, Betelgeuse is only one of hundreds of billions of stars in our Galaxy which is nothing special becuase our Galaxy is just one of hundreds of billions of observable galaxies in our universe. But, the universe is much more than the sum of it galaxies. There are vast stretches of empty space between galaxies and lots of unanswered questions about mysterious matter and energy in the emptiness that seems to be controlling the movement of these galaxies and the expansion of the universe itself! Think all that is hard to comprehend? In my talk I'll try to make it all more comprehensible.

9:30-10:20Featured Speaker
10:30-11:20Workshop I
noon-12:50Activity Tables
1-1:50Workshop II

Schedule of Events

In addition to the program by our featured speaker, each student will attend two 50-minute workshops, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. During lunch there will be various fun and engaging activities available.

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